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Affirmation of love

Here at Stokes Ministries, we love to help couples make commitments to each other in the presence of the Lord. Also known as a Commitment Ceremony, an Affirmation of Love ceremony is an alternative to the traditional marriage in which a couple is living together in a free relationship. It does not matter to God whom you love so we are here to help you in every aspect of your ceremony from Pastor services, helping in counseling to become closer to God if you need it, and we partner with great local businesses to offer you the absolute best ceremony services.

We are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York State, and New York City, NY.

Stokes Ministry is also licensed to officiate Commitment Ceremonies in Prisons and State Facilities.


Pastor Sharon Stokes:

Phone: 570-486-8389


Julie Stokes:

Phone: 570-391-7554


Katie Arnold

Phone: 570-573-0509


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