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Here at Stokes Ministries, we love to help couples get closer to God through their promises to each other. What better way to make a commitment to your partner and to God than a Handfasting Ceremony with Stokes Ministry? Handfasting is a way to formally promise or to make a contract with your partner. It is a traditional practice that, depending on the term's usage, may define an un-officiated wedding, a betrothal, or a temporary wedding. The phrase refers to the making fast of a pledge by the shaking or joining of hands. Stokes Ministry is here to help you with every aspect including defining the terms for your partnership and a ceremony to celebrate that promise.

We are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York State, and New York City, NY.

Stokes Ministry is also licensed to offer handfasting ceremonies in Prisons and State Facilities.


Pastor Sharon Stokes:

Phone: 570-486-8389


Julie Stokes:

Phone: 570-391-7554


Katie Arnold

Phone: 570-573-0509


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